High Beer

Fancy a pleasant afternoon drink? How about a High Beer? This is the counterpart of High Tea. Where the tea is of course exchanged for Jopen beer. An ideal arrangement for an afternoon. The High Beer can also serve as a varied starter. The beer-food combinations have been carefully compiled by the Jopenkerk team.

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If there are special dietary requirements or allergies, we can of course take this into account if we have been notified in advance. If people from your party do not drink beer, they can order two other drinks of your choice, such as wine or soft drinks, we would like to point out that the perception of beer and food combinations will be lost. State the wishes with the comments when ordering the tickets or mail to: haarlem@jopenkerk.nl

Snacks that are served:
Oyster Gillardeau
Home-smoked salmon, with a jelly of dark Jopen beer and a foam from Jacobus RPA
Steak Tartar, on brioche with truffle mayonnaise
Stew bread, varying stew meat prepared in Jopen beer in a sweet bun
Bastian blue cheese, with plum compote and nut bread
Chocolate Nemesis, with a Jopen Koytc foam