Craft beer brewery Jopen was born from the shared dream of restoring the Haarlem brewing tradition. The knowledge of the past and the possibilities of the present result in heavenly craft beers.

In preparation for the 750th anniversary of Haarlem comes the idea to bring back Haarlem beer. Recipes from 1407 and 1501 are found in the city archive and the beer is reproduced. And … the brews are a pleasure to drink. With the Hoppenbier, the festive year starts on November 11, 1994. The start of Jopen!

The name Jopen comes from the fourteenth century, breweries breweries run at full speed and the barley beer is transported in “Jopen” (barrels of 112 liters) over the Spaarne.

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With the opening of the Jopenkerk in November 2010, the Haarlem brewing tradition will be restored. The historic Jacobskerk in the Raaks area is transformed into a fully operational brewery, grand café and restaurant. Haarlem is back on the map as a brewer’s city.

Today, Jopen creates original craft beers and places high demands on quality. The many awards, both national and international, are the ultimate proof. Jopen is looking for surprising ways to connect history with the contemporary. We use the best ingredients and the latest technological developments. We believe that … the knowledge of the past and the possibilities of the present result in the ultimate experience.

To keep up with the growth, Jopen has opened a second brewery with a tasting room in the Waarderpolder in Haarlem. The divine beers find their way to enthusiasts both nationally and internationally.

Jopen, from local beer to world-class beer.


English Brewery Tour
Rondleiding door de brouwerij

Brewery | Jopenkerk Haarlem

You can watch the brewing process from the Grand Café and restaurant of the Jopenkerk Haarlem. Because the brewery is woven into the church, guided tours cannot be given here. The space behind the brewing kettles is simply too small for this. The brewers brew from Monday to Friday and you can watch this while enjoying a Jopen beer.

  • Brewhouse with traditional filter
  • Brew 4 times a day
  • 20 hectoliters per day
  • 10,000 hectoliters per year
  •  bearing tank of 20 hectoliters
  • 1 bearing tank of 30 hectoliters
  • 5 bearing tanks of 60 hectoliters

Brewery | Waarderpolder

Demand could not be met with the brewing kettles in the Jopenkerk. That is why a property was purchased in the Waarderpolder. Here is the second brewery house of Jopen. From the Jopen Tasting Room located in a part of the brewery, guided tours are given, giving you a unique look behind the scenes. An experience for all senses.

  • Brewhouse with mash filter
  • Brew 8 times a day
  • 40 hectoliters per day
  • 60,000 hectoliters per year
  • 8 bearing tanks of 60 hectoliters
  • 8 bearing tanks of 120 hecotliter
  • 10 bearing tanks of 180 hectoliters
  • 4 bearing tanks of 320 hectoliters
  • Fully automatic bottling line
  • Whirlpool
  • Barrel aging